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Consulting on opening a childcare center

Opening a private child care center is not an easy procedure from a legal point of view. It includes the registration of entrepreneurial activity, obtaining permits for it in various structures and instances. Without these papers the opening and operation of such a child care is simply impossible.

Taking into account the classification of institutions as pre-school general children’s institutions for them have special requirements. In this regard, wondering to open this business person will require a considerable amount of effort and time to acquire the relevant knowledge and comply with the rules prescribed only with the basic for this activity of the law “On Education”.

A novice entrepreneur will experience many difficulties in the process of preparing and approving various documents for the opening of a private child care, and may receive many administrative fines, which will either make it difficult or have a negative impact on the development of the business project.

Private childcare is a broad concept. It can hide under it as a full preschool institution, which implements innovative educational programs, and the usual group for babysitting, operating at home. The difference between the two is in the conditions of maintenance and quality of work with children, and how profitable each type of business can be.

Is it profitable to open a private childcare

The idea to open a private childcare, organizing the business “at home”, more often comes to mind for young mothers. The demand for educational services is high, but this does not mean that your business in this niche will be financially profitable.
Relevance of the business is not only due to a shortage of municipal pre-schools. Another factor is the dissatisfaction of parents with the conditions of their children’s stay in them, which include:

  • poor funding of municipal pre-schools, as a consequence: old furniture and toys, dilapidated plumbing, lack of quality repairs;
  • insufficient qualifications of the staff;
  • Low quality of educational programs;
  • Insufficient attention to each child due to overcrowded groups.

Success in this kind of business depends on the right answers to two questions: whether in your city’s private childcare and where to open it. Study the demographic composition of the population in the area. If it is dominated by older people – in childcare makes no sense. A bedroom community with a lot of young people is ideal.

A separate building or space in an apartment building – the decision depends on the format of the childcare. Deciding to recruit a small group “at home”, you can even limit yourself to your own apartment – provided it meets the necessary requirements. For larger sizes, priority is given to detached buildings with a playground.

The advantage of small childcare is that scattered throughout different neighborhoods, they quickly provide the necessary number of children. In addition, small childcares within walking distance will be more in demand – no one wants to take or take children to a childcare located on the other side of town or in another neighborhood.

When choosing which childcare to open: a large or small, you need to understand that the maximum profitability of a small childcare is limited by its capacity. Of course, there are options for increasing profitability through additional services (weekend visits, extra classes, etc.) or state support.

In any case, in order for a childcare, large or small, to be profitable, its economic model must first be properly developed.

Risk factors of a private childcare

childcare kids

The most important risk that can be when opening a private childcare center is the lack of customers. It is possible to open a childcare that will meet all the standards of Government, get a license, do very nice repairs, buy quality and expensive furniture, but not to recruit children. To do this you might need to get a help from professional childcare consultancy firm in your local area.

It may also happen that you have opened a childcare, recruited the necessary number of children, debugged all the processes and, it would seem, you can safely work and think about further development, but nearby opens a municipal childcare. Big, new, with a swimming pool and a gymnasium… You can hardly compete with such a competitor, parents will take their children away from your childcare and give them to the state one, just because it is four times cheaper…

Or, for example, a catch can be expected from the landlord, who suddenly decides not to renew the lease or terminates it altogether, when you have already spent a lot of money on repairs and have recruited children from nearby houses.

There are other risks associated with the direct operation of a childcare center. When opening a private kindergarten, you need to remember that from the moment the first child crosses the threshold of the kindergarten, you as the owner will be responsible for his life and health. God forbid something happens to a child – not only the reputation of the kindergarten is spoiled, and as you know, bad news and rumors travel much faster.

So, thinking about how to open your own private kindergarten, you need to understand that this business should be taken very seriously. After all, children are our future.

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